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The Bug Genie Version ("A posse ad esse")

Beautiful issue tracking and project management

The Bug Genie是易用的问题跟踪系统– 普通用户和专家用户都能轻松掌握.

The Bug Genie follows an open development model, and is released under an open source software license called the MPL (Mozilla Public License). This license gives you the freedom to pick up the sourcecode for The Bug Genie and work with it any way you need.

Extend, develop and change The Bug Genie in any way you want, and do whatever you want with the new piece of software (The only thing you cannot do is call your software The Bug Genie). Please do send us your modifications for inclusion in The Bug Genie.

欢迎使用The Bug Genie!

The Bug Genie, Copyright © 2002 - 2017 The Bug Genie team
Licensed under the MPL 1.1 only, read it at

The Bug Genie 使用来自Oxygen icon set的图标.
These icons may be freely distributed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License.